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We had a tub that was damaged during shipment during construction and did not realize until after delivery..  We called Mark from TubReMagic and he made the tub like new.It was like Magic with tubremagic



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About Tub ReMagic ReFinishing

TubReMagic ReFinishing is a bathroom refinishing company located in Erdenheim PA.. Refinishing (also called “reglazing” or “resurfacing”) is the most cost-effective method to rejuvenate bathtubs, sinks, counters or tile. TubReNagic Refinishing is an experienced refinisher in Philadelphia and surrounding counties...


Customers commonly seek to refinish fixture bathtubs because they are painted with dated colors, such as sea foam green or yellow. We frequently reglaze countertops, most often using a faux granite finish that gives older countertops a modern look. When refinishing bathtubs, wall tiles are commonly refinished.

Damaged fixtures can also be an issue for homeowners. We can repair chips, cracks and burns in almost any surface to restore the original appearance of your fixture.

At TubReMagic Refinishing, we use only the best materials available. That is an important factor because poor quality materials will not last as long or have the same end result. You could be in store for a peeling problem not long after the service is completed if cheap materials are utilized.

We stand by our work with a written warranty, which is another important fact as well. Verbal warranties aren’t really of any value because you have nothing to fall back on in case there is a problem down the road. But, with TubReMagic Refinishing, you can be confident in knowing that our agreement is written out and can be referred back to at any time.